Why You Should Hire a Private Jet in Toronto

Traveling by a private jet was only thought to be for the rich. However, hiring a private jet for business or recreational travel is becoming a popular choice. Today, hiring a private jet in Toronto is far more affordable, not to mention convenient, safe, and hassle-free. A premium charter company that hits all these points -- affordable pricing, convenience and comfort, safety, and service – is Charter Air Transportation Services Inc. (CATS). Here is a look at why you should hire a private jet from CATS in Toronto:

  1. Convenience and comfort. Avoid going through the airport procedures, long walks to the boarding gate, and jostling with other passengers for overhead baggage space when you hire a private jet for your travel. You no longer have to wait for the endless number of passengers before take-off. With CATS, you choose your destination and flight details. You are ready to board your flight as soon as the plane is ready. An important factor to note, CATS owns its own fleet of aircraft. You can rest assured that your private jet is not "time-shared”, giving you more flexibility. Your flight will not be delayed or cancelled for any reason other than inclement weather. Its ergonomically-designed fleet of aircrafts are spacious and luxurious. With the availability of in-flight work tools, business travellers can maximize each minute on the flight, saving time and money. Needless to say, you will be traveling in style!
  2. Safety. To CATS, safety is of utmost importance. Their safety standards surpass those required by Transport Canada and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Their staff has extensive experience with the best training and ongoing safety audits. Founded by veterans in the aviation industry, CATS selects its personnel based on careful screening.
  3. Service. CATS provides its customers the highest quality of service. From designing and customizing your trip for you to service and arrangements during and after your flight, CATS’ customer service is unmatched. They provide a full-range of services to you based on your needs. Their experienced staff ensure that you get to your destination stress-free and refreshed, providing you a unique luxurious experience.
  4. Affordable pricing. Did you know that the cost of hiring a private jet may be comparable to business class fares? It is true. For four people travelling together, the cost of hiring a private jet may be the same (and at times, lower than) commercial business class fares. You can hire a jet on a one-off basis or as often as you need it. There are no upfront cash deposits, long-term contracts to sign, or membership fees.


Torontonians have more options than ever available to them when planning their business or pleasure trip. No longer an option just for the rich, traveling by a private jet is gaining popularity in Toronto. Charter Air Transportation Services Inc. (CATS) offers premium charter and private jet services. They own their fleet and are uniquely positioned to provide flexible schedules that are customized to your needs. They offer affordable pricing and their attention to detail, safety, and customer service demonstrates their commitment to servicing their clients.